About Us

About 28 Black USA

For as long as we can remember, energy drinks have all had that similar taste that reminds us of a “Gummi Bear.” A taste that has been hard to differentiate between products, and contained chemicals like taurine that lead consumers to think would help give you that rush you need to get through your day, but then lead to a crash.

Which is why in 2008 saw the creation of a game changing product line, 28 Black- the first energy drink that had an incredibly unique and delicious taste, and did not contain taurine- An energy drink that gives you a boost to maximize productivity and conquer your tasks at hand, without that hard crash.

In other words, 28 Black is one of a kind. We provide a product that covers a broad spectrum of consumer interest and needs. It’s for those who have different lifestyles, higher expectations, and facing bigger challenges every day. Not only do we respond to a variety of taste preferences, but also various lifestyles and eating habits- a product line that is gluten-free, lactose-free, contains no preservatives and is vegan friendly.

28 Black- the perfect companion for those living life to it’s fullest, for those who have something going on tomorrow, for those who want to stimulate their mind and conquer their day, not just get by.

28 Black is available in beverage stores, convenience stores, bars and clubs.